Early Bird Club

Early Bird Club starts at 8.00am - 8.40am. For £1.00 children are offered toast, a choice of cereal and fruit juice/milk and also participate in a range of activities. Children not taking breakfast but attending Early Bird Club only pay 50p. All children go out to play at 8.40am. We encourage our pupils to avail of breakfast as it has been proven to enhance children's concentration skills.

HOP Club

H.O.P. Club (Helping Out Parents) is a daily service which allows children who finish at 2.00pm the opportunity to stay on to 3.00pm so parents have only one pick up. Children who are in P1 - P3 who have an older sibling or who want to stay to 3.00pm for an after school club may avail of this service. Many fun activities are organised such as games, playtime indoors and outdoors, art and craft, story time, movie time etc and children also get a snack. H.O.P. Club costs £1.00 per day.