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Castledawson Primary School



In Castledawson Primary we are proactive in encouraging the highest standards of attendance and punctuality.  We have an Attendance Policy which is shared with parents and carers and is available to view with other school policies on our website.

We believe that high levels of attendance are directly linked to pupil attainment and fulfilling potential. Excellent attendance and a punctual start to the school day are important to all children and the smooth running of our school. Castledawson Primary will encourage parents/carers to ensure that their child achieves maximum possible attendance and that any problems which prevent this are identified and addressed quickly. It is the parents’ responsibility to ensure their child arrives to school and returns home safely. Castledawson Primary is not responsible for supervising children to and from school.

Children who regularly miss school without good reason are more likely to become isolated from their peers and friends, to underachieve in examinations and or become involved in anti-social behaviours.


  1. To improve/maintain the overall attendance of pupils at Castledawson Primary School.
  2. To develop a framework that defines roles and responsibilities in relation to attendance.
  3. To provide advice, support and guidance to parents/guardians and pupils.
  4. To promote good relationships with the Education Welfare Service.

Attendance Guide for Parents (DENI)

Attendance Guide for Parents


Our roles and responsibilities

Our Expectations…

  • All pupils will attend school every day
  • Pupils will attend school punctually
  • Our pupils will attend school prepared for the day (e.g. Homework complete, appropriate uniform (PE days etc.) Reading Books, Healthy Break etc)

We expect our parents to…

  • Ensure excellent attendance at school and be aware of their legal responsibilities by ensuring their child/children attend school regularly and arrive on time
  • Ensure their child arrives to school on time and prepared for the school day
  • Ensure they contact the school:
  • On the first day of absence, by telephone, before 9.00am and
  • Complete an absence note on the school app, detailing the reason for absence on the first day back
  • Notify the school immediately with any change in emergency contact details.

We expect Castledawson Primary School to…

  • Provide a welcoming atmosphere
  • Provide a safe and structured learning environment
  • Keep regular and accurate attendance and punctuality records and track and monitor each individual child’s attendance and punctuality
  • Promote good attendance and punctuality and reduce absence through a system of reward and recognition
  • Regularly inform parents/carers of the % attendance of all pupils (this will be shared at parent teacher meetings with all children and be further contact through Seesaw/ phone call where there are concerns about attendance)
  • Track and monitor attendance of every pupil in line with new tiered attendance structure. 
  • Analyse attendance data to identify trends which can then be addressed.
  • Promote attendance and punctuality and reduce absence through a system of reward and recognition
  • Where appropriate, inform parents/carers via regarding their child’s/children’s poor attendance and punctuality
  • Act to address patterns of absence
  • Ensure that every pupil has access to education to which they are entitled
  • Endeavour to keep in contact with a parent where there is a prolonged absence

Promoting and Celebrating Good Attendance

  • Weekly Class Attendance- each week in assembly the class with the highest weekly attendance receives the attendance cup.
  • At the end of each month the class with the highest % attendance is recognised and will receive a reward in the form of a class treat.
  • Monthly Individual Attendance- each month any child achieving 100% attendance will receive a House Point
  • At the end of the academic year 100% Attendance Certificated will be presented at our Prize Day Celebration.