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Castledawson Primary School

Roots of Empathy

11th May 2022

This was the final week of our Roots of Empathy Programme. We all had the opportunity  to explore feelings and understand how we feel and react to certain situations. If we can recognise those thoughts and feeling in ourselves we can begin to feel empathy towards others when they may be feeling certain ways and we will react and respond accordingly to this.

We also talked about body language and how that we may not need to use words to communicate, often we can tell how someone is feeling just by their facial expressions and body language.

In our last session, we were reflecting on Roots of Empathy over the last few weeks and what empathy means. To recognise our own and others feelings which helps us to understand and communicate with others so that we can build caring and respectful relationships.
We looked to the future and we discussed wishes and hopes for baby Elena! For example we hope that Elena grows up to know and recognise how special she is, that she is unique and valued and that she is loved! We hope she will grow up be kind and show empathy to others and for others to show her the same kindness and acceptance in return! ♥️♥️♥️

It was such a special programme to be part of and a wonderful experience for our children. Special thanks to our instructor Mrs Hammond, Celine and baby Elena 😊😊😍😍